Sid Stuart is a community organizer residing on the East Side of Saint Paul. Born and raised in South Minneapolis, Sid holds deep interest and passion for arts, building people power, learning, and eating delicious food!

Ismail Khadar is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher born, raised, and based out of the East Side. Ranging from poetry, prose, and playwriting Ismail has explored themes of home, isolation, and identity. 


Geordie Flantz is the founder of Trilingua Cinema. A writer by trade, he grew up on a dairy farm in Southern Minnesota, was educated in Ohio and Indiana, and now calls the East Side home. A lover of film, he is passionate about art and social justice. 

Advisory Committee

Barry Kryshka is one of the founders and current director of The Trylon Cinema in Minneapolis.
Mary Anne Quiroz has been a proud East Sider since emigrating from the Philippines in 1989. She is Co-Founder/Co-Director of Kalpulli Yaocenoxtli, a traditional Mexican Aztec dance and drum group, as well as Co-Founder/Co-Director of Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center. Her work centers on building community power with and for artists of color, organizers, activators and community members here on the East Side.
Kang Vang is a filmmaker who has worked in the media arts field for over 20 years as an artist, teacher, and community leader, focusing on issues that affect communities of color. He has completed six feature length films and is the founder and Director of Team Chow Fa Productions for the past 15 years. Kang has shot numerous commercials, and created many educational video tools for the University of Minnesota and other organizations such as SoLaHmo, Powell Center for Women’s Health, and the Minnesota Department of Health. He has also worked in and been an active member of the Asian community through previous employment and volunteer work with nonprofit arts organizations such as The DIAL Group, Mu Performing Arts, In Progress, and The Center for Hmong Arts and Talent. 


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